Dr Ku-Min Chung

 (the director of 21st Century Life Science Foundation, Ph.D in Embryology)


Welcome to HLSI to all the future scientists!   

HanKook Life Science Institute (한국생명과학연구소 or HLSI) was founded in 1993 as a research lab. Science laboratories require advanced equipments, which school cannot provide to students. The idea of teaching young students with laboratory equipments has led to become the first institute in Korea to provide a professional science education.  

Our experienced HLSI scientists have been providing innovative and creative science education that motivated large number of students for over 20 years. We open up more opportunities for students to understand various field of science (STEAM: Science, Technology, Economics, Art and Math) in-depth. This has led to many students taking science as their career and it is a joy to hear that many HLSI graduate students are now shining in their field of science.

As you all know, science has reached its brightest era in the 21st century than any other times. We believe that the first step to take science further is to make young students to understand that science is fun and exciting.  


The 21st Century Life Science Foundation was initiated as a non-profit organization in 2006 and proudly opened our "Life Science Museum". Moreover, we founded "Cell School", an alternative junior high school certified by the Seoul office of education. Continuing in the spirit of our foundation, we are committed to the education of those students not in urban areas or who cannot otherwise afford an education.  


As I have outlined above, Hansaengyoen has just started to begin its little steps towards making a significant contribution to our society. I hope more people from Hansaengyoen will become prominent figures in all positions in society and be ready to contribute positively to our society and nation. 

Thank you.