Experience eight different specialized science museums with HLSI!                       

  • • Jongno STEAM Education Museum
    • Mokdong Life Science Museum
    • Banpo Human Exploration Museum
    • Bundang Micro-Science Museum
    • Gangnam Nuri Lab Science Museum
    • Jamsil Human and Robot Museum
    • Seodaemun 3H Kiwoom Science Museum
    • Hongcheon Nature Science Center
  • Our museums are run by professional curators and guides. To visit, booking must be done in advance because we control the number of visitors per day to ensure our guests have the best experience possible.


I. The museum of combined physics, chemistry and biology

Jongno STEAM Education Museum
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STEAM is a combination of Science, Technology, Economics, Art and Math. At the Hansaengyeon STEAM Museum you can see and experience the many ways that science improves our lives. There are six different exhibits to explore the crucial role that science plays in the areas of clothing, food, housing, money, communication and transportation.



II. Korea's first specilized life science museum 

Mokdong Life Science Museum
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This museum is home to a variety of rare animals and cutting edge equipment used in experiments. On display here are amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals, and even live fluorescent transgenic cats and mice! In fact, the Mokdong Life Science Museum has the largest collection of turtle and tortoise species in Korea.



III. Korea's second specialized human body science museum

Banpo Human Body Science Museum
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The Human Body Science Museum is designed to uncover the mysteries of the human body in order to highlight the importance of health. Hands-on exhibits allow visitors to investigate the circulatory, respiratory, muscular, urinary, and nervous systems.  Students can explore the structures and functions of these systems, and also learn about illness and disease by using medical instruments.


IV. The first specialized microscope science museum in Korea

Bundang Micro Science Museum
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The aim of the Micro Science Museum is to encourage curiosity in microscopic life. There are various types of microscopes displayed such as the first 3D microscope theater system in Korea and electron microscope. Furthermore, children may learn about the history of the microscope, as well as observing a diverse range of optical instruments.        


V. The first museum in Korea for hands-on experiments

Gangnam Nuri-Lab Science Museum
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Within our modern Nuri-Lab, students design and conduct experiments while composing lab reports. Experiments are within the fields of life science (somatology, zoology, botany, entomology, cytogenetics), applied chemistry and specialized experimental physics.


VI. The story of human life and the world of robots

Jamsil Human and Robot Museum
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The Human and Robot Science Museum showcases the relationship between humans and robots. Students will explore the history of robotics and the rapid evolution of technology in Korea. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the many different state-of-art humanoid robots that are on display here.



VII. A thematic science center on human life, health, character, and career                                                

Seodaemun 3H Kiwoom Science  Museum
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Hansaengyeon 3H Kiwoom Science Center is the 8th thematic science center of Hansaengyeon, where children can explore and learn about the scientific principles underlying their physical and mental health, as well as their future dreams. With a focus on 3H (Health, Humanity, Hope), the center is designed to play a guiding role, allowing students to take care of themselves and create a healthy future through exhibitions, explanations, and hands-on experiences.


VIII . Center for natural science, ecosystems                                          

Hongcheon Nature Science center
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Located in Gangwon, a well-known vacation destination, the Nature Science Center’s atmosphere allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the best that each season has to offer. It offers unique experiences that are difficult to find anywhere else. For example, on our 15,000 m2 of green land you can enjoy a variety of flowers, herbs from our greenhouse, playing with animals. These activities are sure to boost your scientific curiosity!