Uniqueness of HLSI Science Education

1. Extraordinary science courses developed and operated by HLSI

2. Hands-on experiments using state-of-the-art equipment Courses designed to 

3.provide knowledge and appreciation of living organisms

4. Students learning with a variety of cutting-edge equipment

5. Interactive teaching conducted by professional HLSI instructors

6. Courses which improve mental and physical growth

7. Programs that refine a scientific approach through reasoning

8. The STEAM program offers future scientists an integrated education program

HLSI Science Education Programs

· TamHumDan(THD) Program

The Tamhumdan Program specializes in providing a unique science education. It involves hands-on experiments tailored for students interested in biology and other fields of science. Our courses aim to encourage interest in science through experiments that utilize the latest equipment and will be conducted by experienced instructors specializing in specific fields of science. This one-of-a-kind education will help our students to reach their full potential and become the next generation of scientists and leaders.

·Topics : Life Sciences (human body, cells and DNA, animals, insects, plants and more), Applied Chemistry, Modern Physics and Earth Science

Optional courses : English science, scientific field activities, experimental design and implementation, scientific essay writing, theoretical science, STEAM program and special subjects (computer, video and design)

·Target : Grades 4~9

·Curriculum : One year (Jan~Dec), 4 topics per month.     Year1   Year 2   Year 3

·Locations  : Jongno (Hyehwa Stn), Mok-dong (Omokgyo Stn), Ilsan (Daehwa Stn), Bundang (Jeongja Stn), Gangnam (Hanti Stn), Jamsil (Sincheon Stn)

· STEAM Program

The STEAM program incorporates seven main fields of study which include Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Economics, Arts and Mathematics. This prospective program will help develop problem-solving skills and provide a wider scientific perspective for our students. This Program will be added to the second year of the THD program.

·Topics : Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment. Economics, Arts and Mathematics

· English Science Program

The English Science Program has been providing the opportunity for THD students to learn science in the English language since 2005. English Science classes are taught by instructors who are either native  English speakers or those with an equivalent level of English proficiency.

·Topics : Human body, cells and DNA, animals, insects, plants, chemistry, physics and  basic science

·Target : Grades 4~5 (Year 1), Grades 5~6 (Year 2)

·Locations  : Available in all stations

· Hogisim Program

Our Hogisim Program is aimed at younger students and provides an opportunity for students to foster futuristic visions in science through interactive and engaging hands-on classes. First year students will take their first steps into the scientific world by learning the fundamentals of basic science. Second year students will sharpen their skills and knowledge by performing advanced experiments and learning to apply the scientific method. Third year students will prepare to dive deeper into the more complex and detailed studies of science by way of our STEAM program, in which students will learn the practical applications of science in our world.

·Topics :  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Nature Experience, STEAM

·Curriculum : First year (Grades 1-2), Second year (Grades 2-3), Third year (Grades 3-4)

·Locations  :  Available in all stations