International Science Camp SEEK with HLSI!

SEEK(Science English Exploration in Korea) is a high quality English language science camp that allows students to gain a wide range of cultural and scientific experiences through hands-on experimentation at six themed science museums. In addition to conducting different experiments in our well-equipped laboratories, students are also taken on guided tours of various cultural and historical sites throughout Seoul. For students interested in history, there will be tours of Gyeongbokgung palace, Kwanghwamoon plaza and a visit to see the Korean presidential building, the Blue House. There will also be tours of more contemporary locations such as the Korean Broadcasting System center, which produces many of the Korean dramas that have become popular throughout the world. 

The program also provides the special opportunity to experience Korean culture so that students are better prepared to be global citizens. All the programs are taught in English, strengthening students' English abilities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, students learn to cooperate with their peers by living together which improves leadership and social skills. 

The camp has hosted Korean, American, New Zealand, Japanese, Thai and Chinese students. It is an excellent opportunity to experience not only a whole new culture, but also to get hands-on experiences with a wide range of scientific techniques and equipment.

- A large number of teachers are employed with the  21st Century Life Science Foundation.
(Ratio of one teacher for every three students)
- Regular updates and photo uploads to our website and Facebook page.
- Opportunities to contact parents during free time..
- Priority is given to hygiene even during a busy schedule, and delicious nutritious meals are always served to ensure a balanced diet
- Organized student schedule is well managed to ensure students get the most out of their experiences in Korea.
- Use of the school dormitory ensures a safe, hygienic and relaxing place of stay for visitors.
- Use a variety of auxiliary facilities such as the conference room, gym, and music room, etc.